Suppressing the 'Printing...' popup

Startbeitrag von Stefan Buteneers am 28.08.2017 13:11

Hi all,

I am building an application which prints an individual bar code label each time an operator creates a production part.
I would like to suppress the popup message / window which tells the user the barcode (report) is being printed because it has no additional value in this case. On the contrary, it briefly blocks the user's view on the application window and because the production process is quite fast the 'Printing..' window is displayed hunderds of times a day which is really disturbing. The print itself is performed very quickly so the popup has no use at all.

Anyone ?



Hello Sefan,

Did you try with iWindowCancel(False)


von Bart VDE - am 28.08.2017 14:35
Works like a charm as long as the command is executed before the iPrintreport command.
Together with disabling the notification that flashes something like 'Collecting data and generating report' I now have a completely silent printout without disturbance for the users.

Thanks Bart, didn't know this command.

von Stefan Buteneers - am 28.08.2017 15:07
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