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VPS and Plesk Webdev 22 on Windows vps question

Startbeitrag von Allard am 29.08.2017 08:17

Hi ,

I have a windows vps ( windows server 2016 )with several domeins. I installesd the plesk app for it would be easy to use this tool for email and managing domeins ( So I was told )

I installed the standard sites , the blog and my own website. They all work when testing the application server on : Localhost/ site/

However I cannot get it to work with the domein And Iam getting frustrated for I donnot knw where to look.

Do I have to get rid of the plesk stuff ( When I had 1 domein installed I had no plesk and it all worked instantly ??

Has anybody had this problem And do you have a solution ?? I would really appreciate some help on this




Hi Allard,

As always, "I cannot get it to work" is not much information to go on.
Do you get a file not found message when using the domain name of is it showing some other page?

But just to be sure: did you check the basic settings and binding stuff in IIS?

Kind regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 29.08.2017 08:43
Hi Piet,

It gives a message on the config file. There seems to be an authorisationproblem.

I gues the plesk stuff manages IIS. So do I have to get rid of plesk ? So I did not chek any bindings in IIS For the plesk app does these kind of things

It creates some VHosts and in those There are some files inlcuding an index.html file that works. If I change something to that file then changes are available when viewing the domein . The domein works but not with webdev

Hope this helps .

My Question is : "Does webdev app server work with Plesk or should I remove plesk ?


von Allard - am 29.08.2017 08:57
Hi Allard,

I can not speak for webdev 22. However, a few years back I tried something similar to your configuration and concluded that except MAYBE if you know plesk like the back of your hand, it shouldn't be installed ANYWHERE NEAR webdev.

So I removed the thing and had no more problem on my server.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 29.08.2017 11:18
Ah ,

Thanks Fabrice. That is what I needed to hear. Thanks.



von Allard - am 29.08.2017 11:27
I have a VPS with Plesk and have multiple WebDev Sites working without any problems, im still running WB21 though.

von iso - am 29.08.2017 11:58
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