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Booking system

Startbeitrag von ICI am 29.08.2017 11:55

Hi to all.
I want to make hotel application and make it a part of my existing application.
User want to be connected on some online booking systems like Trivago, Booking.com or similar. Is there some additional library, webservice, whatever to implement this situation. I am new to this so please , some more text and explanations are welcome.

Thank you in advance.



I just googled "trivago API" and got -MANY- answers...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 29.08.2017 13:00
Most larger sites like booking.com also have their own API.

But if you search for "booking channel managers" then you will find numerous options. These products are kind of layer on top of booking.com, Expedia, etc, etc. This will save you from developing different versions for every booking site.

Your customers (the hotels) pay a montly fee for using these channels, and then they can offer their rooms to multiple booking sites. It all depends on their needs. They can decide to put the rooms on booking.com or hotels.com or even multiple sites.

You will get an API and are then able to send availability and receive reservations automatically

We used for instance cubilis.com, but I think they only cover the Dutch/Belgium market.

von Arie - am 29.08.2017 13:49
Thank you .

I looking for, if exist, API or whatever to include into existing windev/mobile application so hotel which use my software can make rooms available and also get information when some people over that web portals take room and mark that room reserved, so I can in my software mark room reserved and not sell it 2 times.

I know that on google has it 100000000 answers.

Arie, What type of API you are get to include in your software and is it easy for implementation ?

von ICI - am 30.08.2017 20:07

Cubilis uses webservices to exchange info in XML format. No problem for WD.
The XML itself is based on the OTA specifications and as far as I know this is more or less the standard in hospitality world. Which makes is quite easy to switch to another provider or even support multiple ones. A great deal of the implementation would be the same, were probably all of them have their own quirks here and there.
I would think your customer (hotel, spa?) has heard about these 3rd parties and it is up to them to choose one, based on options and price level and so on.

von Arie - am 31.08.2017 08:53
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