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[WB22] - Display date time formats

Startbeitrag von JP am 31.08.2017 07:32

Hi All

WebDev 21

I have a table on a page.

1) One of columns is a datetime field. It displays in the table as YYYYMMDDHHMMSSMMM. How can I rather display this column as YYYY/MM/DD - HH:MM:SS ?

2) How I can fix the first 1 or 2 columns so that the horizontal scroll does not move them off-screen?




1 Needs te table be editable? You can change it if it is filled by programming.

2 in the qui tab you can specify a column that is extensible. This wil reult in the teble screting on this colum.
If you want to strech on all columns like is possible in windev thtn that does not seem to be possible but it is possible :xcool:

Ok for this you have to apply a little trick.
1 emove all the columns and them adding them again except for the first one ( could be ID that you donnot want to show any way)
What happends is that onadding the columns the scaling is on all the colums .


von Allard - am 31.08.2017 08:14
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