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Slow working of application developed in WINDEV

Startbeitrag von Vinit Sawant am 01.09.2017 05:53

When user is trying to download file generated by application, it's getting more time than usual. User is saying it may be happening because of bad database structure. What may be the main reason for this slow performance?


Hi, if the file generation of the WINDEV-application is finished, then there is only PC1 => internet => PC2 and that has nothing to do with a database.

von GuenterP - am 01.09.2017 08:24
I'm afraid it is not clear to me what kind of application you have and what the user is exactly doing when "downloading the file"
So can you give more info or describe the situation in more detail?

- what database are you using? Hfsql, mysql, etc
- what kind of file are you generating? Export of data? PDF printout? Other?
- how is the file generated? by your client application? on a server using a scheduled task?
- what do you mean by "downloading the file"?
- Windev version

von Arie - am 01.09.2017 09:00
Actually I misunderstood the problem first.
When user gets data in table through database and when he double click on one data(Reference_id in this case), application take very long time to process this request and to open new window than usual.
Database: mysql

von Vinit Sawant - am 01.09.2017 10:30
Does this happen with every reference_id or just with one particulart one?

I remember one case here, where for some reason an certain id (your referenceID) was empty, therefore loading all new documents which were not attached to a project already. Thus causing a slow opening of the project-edit-window.

If not try to use the sql-manager and load all data there, as if you were opening the window. And see if it's slow there too.

And reindex your database, in case you did not do that already. Maybe that's enough.

von Arie - am 01.09.2017 13:32
Hello Vinit

Are you connecting to a remote MySql Database?

If YES, it is quite normal (using MySql) to have a stop in the connection and then a slow result...
Unfortunately i know this problem and strangely it happens only with a MySql remote database... causes? Firewall that is checking continuosly the connection and it can slow the connection or effectively low band over internet.

You have to set an exception and try to re-connect...

Hope in this help

von Gianni Spano - am 01.09.2017 18:22
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