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[WD20] Receipt Printer - Opening the Cash Drawer

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 01.09.2017 20:17

I'm attempting to support 2 more brands of receipt printer in my application. I have a Star TSP100 working well. I'm trying to add a POS-X Evo Green and a Citizen CT-S310II.

I have the Citizen set up correctly except for opening the cash drawer. For the Star I use:

iEscape(Charact(7)) // Open drawer attached to Star printer

This does not work for the Citizen. From this site I found the following codes.

// The following 2 lines have been edited since I originally posted
IF Citizen THEN iEscape(Charact(27) + Charact(112) + Charact(0) + Charact(50) + Charact(250)) // Open drawer attached to Citizen printer
IF Pos-X THEN iEscape(Charact(27) + Charact(112) + Charact(0) + Charact(25)) // Open drawer attached to Pos-X printer

1. The new escape sequence opens the drawer, but it makes the printer error led light up, and the printer is unavailable in Windows until I turn it off and back on. I've tried multiple combinations of that escape sequence and can't get it right.

2. For the POS-X Evo I can get the drawer to open with a number of sequences from the combining the numbers above, but every sequence that successfully opens the cash drawer also feeds some paper.

I believe I have both drivers correctly installed. Does anyone have experience with either of these printers? Is there a certain printer property/preference that I may be missing?




I followed your link and the citizen is NOT on this page, it's on another one of the same site, and it's NOT the same esc sequence that the one you are using:
code: 27,112,0,50,250

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 01.09.2017 20:39
Oops. I am actually using 27,112,0,50,250 for the Citizen. The one I listed is actually what I found for the Pos-X printer.

iEscape(Charact(27) + Charact(112) + Charact(0) + Charact(25)) // Open drawer attached to Citizen POS-X printer

von Curtis - am 01.09.2017 20:48

I have a kiosk application that prints, can I ask how you handle printer errors, such as out of paper, etc?


von Robert Willis - am 02.09.2017 01:45
I currently don't do anything specific to handle printer errors. I do have options to reprint just about everything.

EDIT: It's possible that the cash drawer I'm using doesn't match the voltage the for the receipt printer. I'm going to try another cash drawer soon.

EDIT 2: I fixed the POS-X issue by setting "Cut Paper" to "No Feed" in the printer preferences. Then the escape code worked to open the drawer. I just had to add an extra code to feed and cut since I turned the setting off.

von Curtis - am 05.09.2017 15:07
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