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150% display size

Startbeitrag von John Fligg am 03.09.2017 10:39

I design my apps for 1024 x 768 but one of my Clients tells me he cannot see the OK buttons etc. at the bottom of the screen.

This is because (a) he does not automatically hide the taskbar! and (b) he set the display to 150%. When reset to 100% all is fine.

Has anyone come across this and what would a recommended solution be?




Hi John,

my personal approach is to make the size of a window small and let the user resize it to larger. As my Windows of the Kind use mostly one or more tables, they are resized accordingly keeping still a good look and feel.

I have only few Windows without tables, but they will have small size anyway.

And if a customer uses one of that 800*600 Monitors as a relict from the last century, I tell him to buy a new one with full hd because it will be much cheaper for him as to pay me for designing all Windows new just for him.



von Erik Schwarz - am 03.09.2017 14:26
Thank you. What size of window do you use as your base size then?


von John Fligg - am 03.09.2017 14:29
BTW My problem is that my Edit/Form screens have a lot of information on and why I prefer a larger window. An alternative would be to use tabs/planes I guess.

von John Fligg - am 03.09.2017 14:30
Hi John,

size depends on what I want to Show. One table with 5 columns for example -> small.

Several tables plus controls -> as big as possible, but never larger than 1024*768.

When I Need more Information, I am using Tabs.

It's not a Problem because I am still using old fashioned MDI System. In my opinion much more versatile than the new Fashion used by actual word or Excel where you can not see more than one window the same time.

An example: think about a table with People. Using popup opens a Detail window for the selected Person. Simultanious I can open another person's Detail. Each of the 3 Windows opened can be moved and sized around the Screen to compare having all informations with a single view and so on...


von Erik Schwarz - am 03.09.2017 17:31
IMHO your example is more suited to the 'modern' Dynamic Tabs interface than that offered by MDI.
Takes a bit of getting used to but performs very well.

von DerekT - am 03.09.2017 21:16
I have an app (WINDEV) that runs on kiosks, but since I don't always know the size of the monitor, I set a number of variables such as ScreenHeight, ScreenWidth and set my OK, EXIT buttons to be ScreenHeight - 180. Not sure if it would help or not.

von robert willis - am 04.09.2017 03:07
Hi, just to mention it: neither dynamic Tabs nor MDI are supported under any other OS than Windows. Multi-platform bye, bye! Same goes for Groupware and Java. Same goes for repositionable notes - they're Windows only. The only multi-platform concept for a whole project / application is internal windows.

von GuenterP - am 04.09.2017 06:36
I have never done any web applications so I have no comparisons to make.

Dynamic tabs (in WD at least) offers a choice of static or dynamic tabs.
Static, as the name suggests, will always be part of the window display.
Dynamic will be added to (or removed from) the tab when called through programming.
Both types of tab can be set as 'undockable' which allows the users to drag them around the screen or indeed to a different monitor altogether thereby allowing multiple detail screens (as per Erik's post) to be viewed simultaneously.
As I said no experience here but this does seem very web browserish to me.

Internal Windows, yes I would agree and myself use them all the time.

von DerekT - am 04.09.2017 08:00
Agreed. But you can use Planes in Mobile. Mobile users do not expect floating windows etc. so designing as Mobile should be used and Planes and Popups work just fine.

von John Fligg - am 04.09.2017 08:58
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