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Conflict with Pervasive SQL?

Startbeitrag von Garry Allen am 05.09.2017 15:17

A client asked me if there is any likely conflict with Pervasive SQL. It is used by their Business Solutions accounting software which has been very slow lately. They think that the delay began roughly about the same time that I installed HFSQL C/S on their server for an unrelated app. There does not appear to be any port conflict that I can see but I suggested that they simply shout down the HFSQL server for a short time and see if the performance improves.



it looks like pervasive doesn't like the fact that HFSQL is keping for himself part of the RAM available.
So pervasive cannot cache as much data as before and hop, slower...

So no conflict, just not enough RAM for everybody.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 05.09.2017 16:24
Hi, no, there's no direct conflict of HFSQL C/S and Pervasive SQL. However, Pervasive SQL and several ERP/Accounting software packages regularly conflict with Btrieve applications. Ask them which port Pervasive is using on their server. As a test, you could change the 4900 port to something else. It may be that their server hardware is simply too old or too slow (e.g. an Intel Atom processor) or has not enough RAM installed.

von GuenterP - am 05.09.2017 16:39
Thanks Fabrice and Guenter. I agree that insufficient memory (8G) is probably the source of the problem.

von Garry Allen - am 05.09.2017 17:26
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