[WD20] Anyone Use POS-X Evo Green Receipt Printer? [SOLVED]

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 06.09.2017 15:19

1. When I send the escape code to kick the cash drawer it opens the drawer, but it also prints a tiny slip of paper. I have looked through all the printer properties/preferences and I haven't found any options to help with this issue.

EDIT: These are the codes I'm using: 27,112,0,25,250 or 27,112,0,64,240.

2. This one is not an issue anymore, just an annoyance. My receipts look scaled up with this printer. Text on the right edge gets cut off. The only thing I could find to fix it was enabling 'Adjust Printing Size' in the preferences and set it to 90%. Now my receipts look fine.

EDIT 2: Fixed. Setting "Cut Paper" to "No Feed" in the printer preferences stopped the extra slip of paper from printing.


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