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Camera Control for Barcode Capture

Startbeitrag von Stefano Giavardi am 07.09.2017 11:57

I'm using WMobile 20. On the online help i read I can use camera control for barcode scan,
I can't read it's a WD21+ feature anywhere so I expect it working on WM20.

I inserted a camera control in my mobile window, as they say to do, then they say

Configuring the Camera control
To configure the Camera control:
Display the description window of the control ("Description" from the popup menu).
In the "Details" tab, configure the control setting:
Type of decoding:
None: No decoding.
Bar code: Decoding without crosshair.

OK. But Datails tab on camera control is disabled... Even in WD20 (not mobile) is disabled. I can't find the options thery are talking about...

It's buggy or my fault?


Forget... On the bottom of the page there is

Minimum required version
Version 21


von Stefano Giavardi - am 07.09.2017 12:28

Don't know much about wm20 but wm21/22 works a charm in native scan iPhone/iPad for
QR/Barcode scanning that we've been using for more than 1 year now for tracking
inventory items. I did try to use Android phone with 3rd party openSource
scan but it looks to have a slower response to compare with iPhone/pad.

No idea for windows mobile at all, I guess it should work.

I strong suggest that you'd upgrade to wm22 instead of using wm20 for more
features and bug fixing indeed.



von kingdr - am 07.09.2017 12:31
So before WM21/22 there's no smooth feature for replying on android phone the quick scan of a Windows CE device with laser scan...
The problem is reading a serie of barcode like you do in inventory apps. You can't click scan, turn the phone, waiting the match/focus and then return to the main windows...
If you need to read 300 barcode per day... BCCapure is not for that....

I read a lot about Scandit SDK.. If WM22 does the trick there's no reason to do it in another way.

von Stefano Giavardi - am 07.09.2017 15:30
maybe i'm off topic but i have a question....

I tried to use the camera control with barcode reader (WD Mobile 22).

The reading of Qrcode is perfect, but the EAN13 not work...

von Giovanni Carella - am 09.09.2017 07:40
Yes I can scan EAN13 with bcCapture from my iphone6+ with wd22 mobile and
have a look as below link:


Also, check barcode type, not all Android/iPhone can be read/scanned like
dataMatrix (not avail in iPhone yet but can be generated), hectic...



von kingdr - am 09.09.2017 16:16
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