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WD Program under Ubuntu/Wine - Print problems

Startbeitrag von heinz Kübler am 07.09.2017 14:04

Hi all,

try to run a WD15 Program under Ubuntu/Wine. So fare it works ok, but printing seems to be a problem:

output to: preview, print to printer, PDF : they all show no fonts (but any lines and shadows in the report are ok) . so i receive mainly empty pages, but the number of pages are always ok.

output to RTF and HTML: everything ok, even if I choose individual fonts (which is possible in my software)

Thats why I suppose its not a problem with the Windows fonts in WINE/Ubuntu.

Anybody with experience in this area ?

Regards, Heinz



Try copying all windows fonts to wineHQ virtual windows directory in yr Ubuntu.

Might not work as wineHQ only the emulator.

And it's buggy in native 32/64 linux app deploying from wd22.

Just live with it as it's a workaround.

I've been using it as a little pain and juggling to print to zebra printer either
by native linux wd22App (.so) or just coping .exe + dll.



von kingdr - am 07.09.2017 14:54
Hi King,

thanks for the tip, but it did not work.

In the font dialog of my WD Program , I still see the fonts installed under WINE, nothing from the virtual windows fonts directory

in the meantime i found out, that MS Wordpad has the same problem! (empty preview)

at the moment I stop further investigations


von heinz Kübler - am 13.09.2017 16:27
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