[WD20] Disable All Input on a Window

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 11.09.2017 20:54

I have a popup window that serves as a loading window. It consists of a background image and a small image that contains an ajax spinner gif. If I click on this loading window too many times the ajax spinner stops animating. If I click once more Windows displays, "App is not responding".

Is there a way to disable all input so that this does not happen? I tried putting an empty super control over the top of the entire window, but this only seems to give me a few extra clicks. This window is displayed via threading code below.

PROCEDURE DisplayLoadingWindow()

ThreadExecute("ThreadLoadingWindow", threadNormal, ExecuteLoadingWindow)

PROCEDURE ExecuteLoadingWindow()

// Show Window

// Wait for Signal

// Close Window

// End Thread

PROCEDURE CloseLoadingWindow()

EventChange("CloseLoadingWindow", eventOpen)


Hi Curtis,

there is a good chance that the problem is coming from you ignoring the FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT rules of using threads: do NOT access the UI from a secondary thread, EVER.

And of course, opening a window from a secondary thread is smack in the middle of that one.

Any action on the UI from a secondary thread must be done through one of the 3 (from memory) workarounds described in the threads help.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 12.09.2017 10:56
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