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[WD21] - Hiding / Showing records

Startbeitrag von JP am 15.09.2017 05:22

Hi All

I have a database file with various records. How I can hide some of these records from HREAD...() searches and at other times allow them to be included in HREAD...() searche results?

I thought of using HFILTER() on a field condition to exclude records but when I apply the filter and then subsequently run a HREADSEEKFIRST() on a different index key WinDev crashes and says the HREADSEEKFIRST() caused a fault: unexpected system error.



why dont you use SQL?

von Markus K. - am 15.09.2017 06:40
Hi JP,

If you're thinking of using hFilter, don't do it. I started out using filters, but soon realised that SQL with parameters is much more flexible. E.g. if you write a query using parameters, you can use it with tables, but if you've designed it properly, you can use the query anywhere in your project

von DarrenF - am 15.09.2017 07:17

it doesn't matter if you use a filter or a query. For what you want to do, the best way is to create a COMPOSITE key made of:
1. your exclusion criteria
2. your 'real' key

By doing that, you can either use a hfilter on the composite key and get what you need, or do a query with conditions on both fields and get a speedy answer. In the query, if you want to completely ignore the exclusion criteria, you can do that by setting that parameter to null.

best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 15.09.2017 14:27
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