[WD22] Print preview problem

Startbeitrag von Sead Grbesic am 21.09.2017 14:33


Today I discovered one problem in print previewing the report. When the ipreview () command is used, the report first appears on the screen. When it appears on the screen and if the "Print" tab is active, the focus is on the "Start Print" button. If for any reason the "Enter" (Return) key is pressed, the report is immediately printed. This only happens in the WD 22 version. In earlier versions this was not the case. The problem is that some reports can be large and their unwanted sending to the printer causes unnecessary paper consumption, and the time is lost while the print is interrupted. I note that this happens only in the version of WinDev 22. In earlier versions, it was necessary to click the "Start print" button to send the report to the printer.
Does anyone have a similar experience and possibly a solution to this problem in WinDev settings or to block printing by pressing the "Enter" button from the on-screen report view.

Thank you in advance for any help.



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