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Streaming Info

Startbeitrag von ChristoK! am 21.09.2017 21:22

Greetings Gang...

I'm not even sure if it's possible to do what I'm after using WX, but here goes...

I have a REST API (all going well so far)
It needs to send back some very large chunks of data - and the damn thing "times out"

So the idea I hit on was "why not send the info as a stream - the data can be as large as I want and the receiving end would never time out"...

Only, the problem is, as you are all aware, you can't STREAM from a REST call... which, then led me to my actual question, which is

How in the name of whichever deity(s) you believe in does one send a STREAM using WX???

I've found numerous examples for audio/video as well as receiving RSS, but nothing on how to set up to send

Any assistance/advice on this would be greatly appreciated



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