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[WD22] Sometimes email send incorrect

Startbeitrag von Sammy Broeders am 22.09.2017 10:54

Hello all,

I use the email function with EmailStartSMTPSession() and sending a pdf attach. Some users has sometimes problems by sending an email. They have no error at all but the receiver don`t receive the email message, or they receive them but can`t open the pdf file because that are all strange signs.
For the dutch users, it is mainly by sending to Kpnmail or Planet mail.

Is there someone who recognises this problem?





You have described more issues than can be easily attributed to Windev.

I'm assuming that your relaying mail through another server (Kpnmail/Planet Mail)

Your first comment that they "don't receive the message" at all, I wouldn't think this is a Windev issue if the message was accepted by your relaying server. The most you would be able to determine from the sending server (the one you relayed through) is if the message was accepted/delivered to the recipients server.

You will never be able to know the disposition of the message on the receiving server without their mail admins help. This is due to the multi layers of reputation testing that every mail server does to separate legitimate mail from SPAM.

Your second comment that they can't open the attachment "because of the strange signs", this points to the email client/computer OS not associating the file type correctly.

To definitively solve this you need the raw email received that exhibits the issue. I say raw message in that you need the message headers preserved so the message should not be forwarded to you. Your clients need to at the least forward as attachment. This will allow you to see a number of things but will reveal the items that Windev could have influenced relative to the attachment, the mine type that is associated with the attachment and the attachment name.

In windev when your building the email with the EmailAttach variable your only opportunity to influence these attributes is with "..Name" and "..ContentType".

In your case the ..Name should end with ".pdf" and the ..ContentType should = "application/pdf"

Once you determine that the message is constructed correctly it comes down to an education issue for the receiver of the message. Since you have no control over this the only thing you can do is educate everyone involved so that they don't misdirect their frustration.

Eric W

von Eric Wiegert - am 22.09.2017 13:28
Hi sammy,

Are you using the html control in some way in that you are adding fields to it that you later on replace by database fields?

I Had a problem with webdev on that. It seemd that the hosting profider did an anaylse of the generated html file.
If I added more that 7 fields ( that I filled with db information ) then the mail was sent to spam.

Maybe kpn and planet do this kind of scanning on Email as well.



von Allard - am 24.09.2017 18:57
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