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Window Titles

Startbeitrag von SolutionJ-Reg am 27.09.2017 11:13


I have a WD15 application. When I start editing a record the window's title changes - it basically gets a * added to the end.

E.g I open a Window and the title (as set in the Window Description) is "Maintain Customer".

As soon as I type a character into any field the title changes to "Maintain Customer - *" and stays that way until the Window is closed.

I'm not doing anything in code to make this happen so is it something WD does automatically?

I should say this application uses MDI, so the Windows I'm talking about are all opened with MDIChild ...




It is telling you that a modification to something in the window has accrued.

If you notice when you are developing the same this happens in Windev.


von DW - am 27.09.2017 11:37
Ok, so it's an automatic thing then, thanks...

von SolutionJ-Reg - am 27.09.2017 11:41
Hi Reg,

I don't recall seeing that on any of my applications. I wonder if it's (maybe) an AAF feature or an option on one of the 7-tabs of the Window properties dialog? You know, something that automatically displays the "*" asterisk when you start making changes on a window ...and maybe I have this option turn off?

Anyone know? I might like to make use of this feature if that's what it is. I've just scoured the Help system, but as you know, it's sometime quite difficult to find something this way in the help unless you know the word they've "keyed" it on...

von DarrenF - am 27.09.2017 12:05
To be clear...
Its the 'Title' of IDE itself - next to the WD22 (or whatever version you are using) icon.
AFAIK it has always been a feature.

Saving changes at any time during coding will remove the asterisk.

Unfortunately it works a bit like 'IsModified' in that even if you remove the change it still shows until the code window on which you are editing is closed.

von DerekT - am 27.09.2017 15:36
Yes, I see it in the WX IDE but not in my apps like Reg is describing.

von DarrenF - am 27.09.2017 15:54
I've just checked out a WD22 app I've recently converted from WD18 and this doesn't happen there at all...

von SolutionJ-Reg - am 27.09.2017 16:26
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