WM21 inapp Purchase and Consume

Startbeitrag von Bill Quinn am 29.09.2017 19:40

Sorry for the long post but hopefully the code will help. This is my first in-app purchase attempt. I'm testing just android for now. I have one test user for a free version of the app in Alpha release. I've apparently successfully purchased one each of the 3 products according to my google play account, but each purchase showed the "purchase fail" error. Additional purchase attempts gives no response in the app.

I then checked if there were any unconsumed products. That code only gives an error of "Failure checking the received data when validating the inapp purchase"
I thought I followed the help examples accurately but I can't see what's wrong.

Thanks, Bill

App Start up:

arrIdentifier is array of strings
arrIdentifier = ["student1", "student5", "student10"]

garrProducts is array of inAppProduct
gMyProduct is inAppProduct
gnStudentPurchaseQty is int

IF inAppListProductInfo(arrIdentifier, ListProductInfo) = False AND NOT InTestMode() THEN
Error("Unable to access in-app Products: " + ErrorInfo)

PROCEDURE ListProductInfo(bSuccess is boolean, arrProducts is array of inAppProduct)
IF NOT bSuccess THEN
Error("Error: " + ErrorInfo())



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