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WD22 - Gmail SMTPSession error

Startbeitrag von Giovanni Carella am 30.09.2017 07:13

Hi all,
i use this code to send e-mail.

SMTPTEST is EmailSMTPSession
SMTPTEST.Option = emailOptionSecuredTLS


from yesterday i the EmailStartSession give me this error:

"System error detected by WLanguage security mechanism.
System Error Details: Una catena di certificati elaborata correttamente termina in un certificato radice proveniente da un'Autorità di certificazione non presente nell'elenco locale."

Anyone have a solution?



I had a massive problemwith sending emails via the Gmail SMTP service. My code had worked absolutely fine for several years and then suddenly it started to fail - not every day, but repeatedly at certain times of the week.

My suspicion is that it's something Goole has done.

My advice to you is to stop using the Gmail SMTP service. I switched my application to using the SMTP servers offered by my hosting company, but there are others available, e.g. SMTPTOGO (although this is only free up to a point).

Best of luck!

von SolutionJ-Reg - am 02.10.2017 10:21
i found a solution.

Google have changed the authentication if in the google account is activate the two step authentication.

If this option in activated you must create a password for the specific role


and you start the smtp session with this new password....

von Giovanni Carella - am 02.10.2017 16:33
Ok. I made sure it wasn't activated when I had my problem so you've clearly hit another roadblock.

I still strongly advise you to switch away from gmail's smtp servers...

von SolutionJ-Reg - am 02.10.2017 16:36
A solution has been published in a FAQ


Errors might randomly occur when using EmailStartSMTPSession with smtp.gmail.com because some Google certificates can't be verified by Windows. This problem is likely to be fixed by Google eventually.

In the meantime an easy solution is to add this line to your code :

// insert before calling EmailStartSMTPSession
EmailConfigure(emailParameterMode, 1)

von félix dufosset - am 03.10.2017 12:59
Sounds good, but that command is not available in my admittedly old verion of windev :-)

von SolutionJ-Reg - am 03.10.2017 13:34
Hi, yes, you'd need version 22 for that!

von GuenterP - am 03.10.2017 13:49
Perfect.... Thanks felix....

von Giovanni Carella - am 03.10.2017 13:50

Thank you for that Felix.
Fixed my code today as well!


von Sarah Tanti - am 04.10.2017 06:41
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