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HCreateMoveableReplica madness

Startbeitrag von John Fligg am 30.09.2017 15:11

I have the strangest issue. I am using HcreateMovableReplica/Universal replication in my handcode. I am monitoring the code using a Trace file. I am trying to Replicate device to Server.

All is absolutely perfect BUT .....

When I switch to a much newer router, despite the connections and WiFi working just fine now the SAME code crashes and does not create the RPA file, nor does it give me any error message.

I find this mad because how on earth can a Router have any effect on the creation of an RPA file???? There is no data transmission at this stage.

But very exhaustive testing shows this to be the case. Using the same code and switching back to the older router it works again.

Any clues would be so useful, even how the heck to find out what is happening. But no messages are produced, just a crash.


Hi John

welcome to the wonderful world of the made in pcsoft replication systems, where there is not enough documentation, no way to debug, and no possibility to change any behavior that doesn't fit your needs... That is one of the most important reasons why I decided to write the WXReplication system.

As for your current problem, I would try and track any connection described in the analysis, any .rep file or any other place where a link to something in the outside world could be described. I agree that there SHOULDN'T be any link between that and creating a local file, but clearly, your testing show that there is.

Best of luck.

von Fabrice Harari - am 30.09.2017 19:37
Thank you Fabrice. This is the first time I have had any issues with Replication (other than plenty of my own self inflicted wounds) . I have handcoded everything other than creating the rpa file and performing the replication itself. That seems absolutely fine although there are some limitations which for me is not an issue.

This problem really is nuts! I have spent 2 days over the weekend trying to work around this and 10 minutes ago restored my backup to Friday evening.

There is nothing in the analysis as I do not store connections in there. And of course there are no links to the outside world in the replication files that I can see.

It is so illogical because the same rpa file created in iOS using the same data on devices transmits just fine.

What I have found however is that the error message is actually saying it cannot Create the rpa file on the server. It is 258k on the device but exists on the server at 0kb. So FTP has actually worked in that it has created a filename at least.

Obviously permissions cannot be an issue as iOS and Windows are fine using the same Subscriber folder. I have even disconnected the FTP session and created a new connection to check it is not that.

So my conclusion would have been to do with ? or \ but as I use fSeparator and CompleteDir that deals with that. I have even tried many variations of upper and lower case in case something there is wrong.

So I am totally baffled by this. It is related to Android only and my new router. Very baffled indeed.

But I have just wondered if I can get any log files working on the server. That might show something. And I am also wondering if the WAS is doing anything strange although it does seem limited to the router itself.

von John Fligg - am 01.10.2017 14:01
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