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Change text of button in looper

Startbeitrag von cardcoder am 02.10.2017 16:07

Hi All,

This is a silly thing - but I can't make it happen.

I have a looper on a page with a 1 x command button per line.
I want the text to change colour on mouseover.

I realise it is browser code - but I have the syntax wrong.


This is not allowed in browser code.

All help gratefully received.



May not be the case in WB but in WD you would need to use an attribute set for the color of the button control.


This assumes that the button otself does not use an image to display its background.

von DerekT - am 02.10.2017 16:44
Hi Derek,

Thanks for the response.

Unfortunately it appears that webdev is a bit different.

Kindest Regards,


von cardcoder - am 02.10.2017 18:56
Hi Mike,

Change the css of the button.

1 Go to Description of the button.
2 click on Style tab
3 Click button CSS for the element type
Now you can change the css styl ( then all is done for all the buttons that use the style) or you can change the css for this button specific.
4 change style css for this button:
click on the "More options" tekst.
Now a new window opens. In the "Over" section you can change anything you want for the mouse over event. including your colour change



von Allard - am 03.10.2017 06:53
Hi Guys,


Thanks for the responses!!!


I tried to change a button text css that was already in the looper.
To get around this, make a new button and create a new css as per DerekT comment.
Now move this button into the looper.
Add it to the attributes of the looper.

It will now operate correctly.

Kindest Regards,


von cardcoder - am 03.10.2017 12:42
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