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Language conversion for WINDEV.

Startbeitrag von Vinit Sawant am 03.10.2017 06:14

We have one application which is in french. We have done some enhancement recently. Now some tabs are coming in English. I have attached a screenshot.
Can Anyone help me in this?
[attachment 2451 Sanstitre.png]


Hi Vinit,

You probably included the English version of the framework in the build or you switched from the French IDE to the English one causing teh runtime to be the English one.

It's a shame PCS doesn't allow you to easily have these AAF translated without having to buy a ridiculously expense add-on via standard (flat or xml) resource files like any other IDE would.



von Peter Holemans - am 03.10.2017 06:53
Thanks for your Reply Peter.

Yes I build the application in English version.
So what I have understood is I need to build the application In French version to get tabs in French.

Thanks for your help.

von Vinit Sawant - am 03.10.2017 07:03
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