[WD21]HTTP Requests

Startbeitrag von Ericus am 03.10.2017 08:55


I am now trying to get HTTPRequest or HTTPForm to work but with no avail. Fabrice I have had a look at your use of HTTPRequest in replication but I am not coming right.

If anybody cares to go to http://api.cyclopsit.com/ you will see that there are 3 calls exposed.

1. List all the agents
2. Get specific agent details
3. Update agent details

1. If you type http://api.cyclopsit.com/1.0/Client/List/1 in a browser you will see that the details for 2 agents are returned.

In Windev I tried this:

asURL is ANSI string = "http://api.CyclopsIT.com/1.0/Client/List/1";
asHeader is ANSI string
sUsResult is UNICODE string
IF NOT HTTPRequest(asURL,"","","","text/xml","","")
asHeader = HTTPGetResult(httpHeader)

All that is returned is the OK and details about the server but no details of the 2 agents.

2. If you type in http://api.cyclopsit.com/1.0/Client/Get/1/1 in a browser you will see that the client details of one agent is returned.

In Windev I tried it now as follow:

asURL is ANSI string = "http://api.CyclopsIT.com/1.0/Client/Get/";
asHeader is ANSI string
sUsResult is UNICODE string
IF NOT HTTPSendForm("Form",asURL,"","","","text/xml") THEN
asHeader = HTTPGetResult(httpHeader)

Once again all I get is an OK with some server details but not usable data.

Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong.

Thanks in advance

Ericus Steyn


Instead of doing the httpHeader in the HTTPGetResult, just do the HTTPGetResult()

von Luis Antonio Gutiérrez Flores - am 09.10.2017 20:15
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