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"Silent" Push Notification

Startbeitrag von stefan.kern am 09.10.2017 09:13

Hi Forum,

I have one question regarding push notifications:

Is it possible to send a push notification to iOS and Android without showing the notofication in the Status bar?

What I want to do:
I want to send a notification with Forces the application perform some Actions but the user should not see, that something happened.

Best Regards




You need to leave the Title and message text empty, only use the content etc...


"if a message or a title is specified in the notification, the system displays the notification in the notification bar. If the user clicks the notification, the procedure specified in NotifPushProcedure is called (nothing happens if it is not specified).
If no message and no title is specified in the notification, the notification is not displayed and the procedure is called directly."

See more details in the Help.

I use this for silent Push Notifications to let my application update the data in the background etc...

Have a nice day

von Danny Lauwers - am 10.10.2017 21:19
Hi Danny,


does this also work for iOS?
If I read the help correct, this behavior you mentioned only works for Android.


von stefan.kern - am 11.10.2017 20:46

I have not implemented this on iOS, so sorry don't know !


von Danny Lauwers - am 13.10.2017 07:00
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