How to include a set of routines in an app?

Startbeitrag von John Fligg am 09.10.2017 14:45

Hi, I have 6 apps to cover iOS, Android and Windows with Tablet and Phone versions.
The apps are identical other than the screens so 36 Global Procedures are identical in each.

I even have a way to make a lot of local procedures global using Indirection and Parameters.

I remember reading a long time ago it was possible to create a sub app which could have these global procedures defined and then shared among all the apps. Obviously it can't be a dll as iOS and Android do not support dlls.

BTW I do not want to put these in a Web Service as the apps are designed to predominantly work Offline. I do use Web Services but in this it would not be practical.

Can someone kindly point me in the right direction how to share common code between apps and how to "call" such a "sub app".

Many thanks in advance.


Hi John

it depends:
- if you want to share the source, then you are looking for the dictionary functionality
- if you want to share the functions but not the source, it looks like you are thinking about a component. However, as a component is compiled, I doubt that you can share one between windev and mobile, as the target for the compilation is different.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 09.10.2017 15:13
Thx Fabrice. How do you implement the first suggestioce please - Source in Analysis.

As for the component functionality may be OK but the source would be a better option. These procedures are all OS non dependent so could be shared.

Many thanks


von John Fligg - am 10.10.2017 07:07
Sorry I found the answer.



von John Fligg - am 10.10.2017 07:13
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