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Pivot Table Calculated Value

Startbeitrag von SolutionJ-Reg am 19.10.2017 21:37



I have a pivot table showing as row values Revenue, Costs, Margin £. I also want to show Margin % based on the calculation Margin % = Margin £ / Revenue.

I have set the Margin % cell to have a local procedure as its source, passing in the Revenue and Margin £ values and giving a result of Margin %, but the results are not always correct.

Has anyone else ever tried anything like this?



Hi Reg,

I've used the Pivot table quite a bit, but never had much luck using the procedures.

I went down the route of using a calculated field in a query and using the query as a data source - its more reliable for me that way.


von Ned! - am 20.10.2017 14:32
Hi Ned,

Thanks for the response. I can't use your method in this case because the %,, being a percentage, needs to be calculated in real time as it were based on which row values are expanded or not in the pivot table.


von SolutionJ-Reg - am 20.10.2017 17:05
Hi Reg,

When using a datasource this is exactly what happends. ( ned his option ) The pivot table adds the values of 3 months to the value of a quarter etc.

I have a planning versus control pivot table and this calculates sales etc and compares it with the prognose and displays differences .



von Allard - am 20.10.2017 19:10

Unfortunately that won't work when calculating percentages Allard, but thanks...

von SolutionJ-Reg - am 20.10.2017 19:50
Hi Reg,

Could you code the percentage calculation using the pvtPosition variable and the Display Cell event?


von Ned! - am 23.10.2017 10:59
Hi Ned,

That looks very interesting, I'll give it a go.

Thanks :-)

von SolutionJ-Reg - am 23.10.2017 11:07
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