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Problem deploying a website on 64 bit linux

Startbeitrag von Donald Montaine am 24.10.2017 02:50

I had posted a question about why the deployment was not working, where the temporary password validation file would upload correctly but then not read correctly. I loaded a version of Debian 8 as a Virtualbox instance. The same install process and deployment procedure worked correctly.

What I found out is that my VPS provider was using a very old kernel in the 2.x line rather than the current kernel which is at 3.16. Apparently, deployment does not work with the older kernels, even if the file permissions are set correctly.
The provider explained it as follows:

The virtualization we use for our regular Linux VPS, OpenVZ, does not allow you to run your own kernel, it's a kernel-based virtualization. The kernel seen inside your VPS is inherited from the host node. While it's based on 2.6, it's in active development and getting backports and patches from upstream. You can see the latest release here: https://openvz.org/Download/kernel/rhel6

Our Premium VPS offering runs its own kernel as it is KVM virtualization, and additionally supports Docker and other containerization technologies. There's additional benefits such as daily backups too. Here's more information:

So, what I am finding with Linux is that you need to be aware of what kernel is being used. With this provider, even if I installed a very recent version of Ubuntu, I was actually getting an old kernel that had been patched. Apparently it created problems with a file being released for reading after a write.


I decided to ask PC Soft about the problems. This is the response I got:
I'm sorry but the WAS licence does not include a free technical support. You have two dedicated documentations to help you :

WebDevDeployment.pdf for Windows
Deployment_Linux.pdf for Linux

If you need assistance on this mater, PC SOFT offers a Direct Assistance service available on subscription services or on-site assistance.

I strongly suggest you to use a dedicated hosting service like PCS Cloud for example.

So if we want to deploy on Linux, I guess that we are on our own. The good news is that I have developed a bash script that does most of the installation process on Debian based systems and am finishing up the documentation that goes with it. I will note in the documentation that if you do run into problems with the deployment process, that older kernels are probably the issue.

von Donald Montaine - am 24.10.2017 16:36
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