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How to get a VSS compatible HFSQL backup

Startbeitrag von Arie am 24.10.2017 07:56


databases like sqlserver are VSS compatible. Whenever a backup tool (like VEAM) start a new backup it sends a freeze to all registered “writers,” such as, Exchange, Outlook, and SQL Server. Then all these 'writers' get the change to flush their data and state to disk.

Afaik HFSQL is not VSS compatible. So how do I get a reliable backup?
The hot-backup option of HFSQL itself is unusable as far as I am concerned. It takes way too long to finish. And it creates a second set of files presenting the actual backup.
Another option is to use a little script and shutdown the database before the backup and start it up afterwards. This is an option during nightly backups in most cases. But I also have clients running a VEAM backup every 2 hours or so.

In the end I want system administrators to be able to do their backup and also to be responsible for that. And also to restore a snapshot whenever necessary, without having to call me about hfsql specific issues.


Hi Arie,



Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 24.10.2017 11:02
Alternatively, as there clearly is a VSS mechanism, you can study it, create a windev program that is VSS compatible, and when this program receives the freeze message, stop the HFSQL server from it, by code.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 24.10.2017 12:02

I did a little search already and this could be a an option. But shutting down a database is not very professional. So I leave this to Pcsoft. They can put the database in some kind of backup state, while keep it running.

I'm also thinking of switching to sqlserver. Then (at least in this project) the IT guys are happy again.

von Arie - am 24.10.2017 13:49
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