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Startbeitrag von ICI am 26.10.2017 10:20

Regards to all.

Is same password file for GPW from Windev and Webdev ?

Why I ask this?
When I try to open Gpwlogin() from Webdev connected on GPW Database created with Windev application I get error message "Wrong password for GPU_Configuration file."
I try same code from another windev project and all works fine. From webdev project it does not work.

I try to connect Webdev and Windev application on same GPW Database so same user can connect and use both apps. Thank you in advance.


Hello ICI

You mention GPW and GPU
There are two different types of Groupware so maybe you have Windev running GPW but have setup the Webdev using the newer GPU ?


von Al - am 26.10.2017 10:32
Hi Al,

I use this on both sides.

1. If I first create GPW_Database from Windev application then I have error when I start GpwOpen() from Webdev "Wrong password for GPU_Configuration file"
2. If I delete GPW_Database and create same from WebDev then from Windev GpwOpen() open login without any problem.

Where I can use or check that GPU system? I always use same GPW() functions for Groupware (Automatic with manual start) and in folders I get GPU_xxxx files.


von ICI - am 27.10.2017 07:43
Hello ICI

For Windev it is set in the Workshop > User Groupware menu item. I don't know for Webdev.


von Al - am 27.10.2017 07:57
Yes Al.
It is the same thing "Ribon TAB Project->User Groupware". We talk about same thing. You access and use your GPU with Gpwxxxx() set of commands. Because of that I name it GPW. There is no other method for using Groupware, as far as I know.

If you have webdev also, try this situation. Activate groupware on windev project and try to open with GpwOpen() from WebDev. You will get an error. Delete Groupware files and activate groupware and create files from webdev. Now windev can open it and use without any problem. I try also to change passwords on both sides and create new groupware with "123" password for files. From Webdev you can not open GPU files created from windev. But same files created from webdev are opened without any problems from windev.


von ICI - am 27.10.2017 09:19
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