Adding a project to the SCM

Startbeitrag von John Fligg am 28.10.2017 12:20

I have a weird problem. My SCM is working perfectly with quite a lot of projects in there. Works 100%.

I now have a new project that I want to add to the SCM. I go through the process and don't change any of the defaults. It comes up with the message attached. [attachment 2471 scm.png]

2 points to note:

1. Copying \\John-PC\ ...... is OK. For some reason it still thinks it is on a network and I cannot change that. But the path is fine.

2. It is copying the same file to the same file!!!!!

What is happening? Why can I not force the "from" analysis to be a local path and is this why it is trying to copy itself to itself?

As I said I have never had any problems adding projects to the SCAM in all the time I have had Wx.

Thx in advance.
[attachment 2471 scm.png]


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