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IPTV app or TV App

Startbeitrag von belkassem am 28.10.2017 13:53

Hello Guys,

Is anyone here familiar with the iptv apps under android. I google it and check many website but can't find anything that relate to develop these kind of app under wxdev.
What I am trying to do:
Develop an app to manage my (movies) streaming, a simple interface where you can retrieve on screen information related to any (movie or tv channel) on screen.
The iptv subscribers provide usually their .apk that you download but really, the navigation and interface are a nightmare.

Thanks if you can help.


I did an app in windev mobile that works on Tv's with android, it doesn't have any functionality that has to do on retrieving information that is on screen, but it basically is a normal app, it still is an android device with a very big screen.

von Luis Antonio Gutiérrez Flores - am 30.10.2017 15:26
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