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UDP sockets

Startbeitrag von Arekusei Timakobu am 31.10.2017 16:13

I need interaction between WD Linux daemon (as client) and C++ Linux daemon (as server). I have a server that listen UDP port (i.e. binded to ANY_ADDR) and wait for some data from WD daemon. Server is absolutely working (tested using nc command from other terminal) and information is received.

What I do in WD source code

SocketWrite("SOCK", "data", "", 8080)
SocketClose("SOCK") // I even commented this line to not close socket

After running WD compiled Linux daemon I get an error when socket is creating "Error associating socket with 8080 port on computer". Please could you someone explain why?

When I use result of NetIPAddress() instead of "" string I have no error but server does not receive anything. Moreover NetIPAddress() returns instead Any ideas how to send data to UDP port? Has anyone the experience in UDP interaction?


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