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Unexpected error

Startbeitrag von DerekT am 01.11.2017 18:36

Within my application I have a window which is used for all reports and contains all code and controls for running and filtering the specific report displays.
Results of each report are displayed in table control - there are 12 of these sitting on individual planes and formatted to suit the output requirements.

This has been working without problems for well over 3 years in versions 19, 20 and for the last 9 months in 21.
Recently 2 new reports were added and since then random fatal errors have been encountered.
These happen at different times on different machines and across all (20+) reports.
Once the user has re-opened the app all reports run without any reported issues.
The only commonality I can see is that the reported error code is 3103 is thrown as a result of 'wMDIReportSuite_2' - the window above - being unknown.

Recent Example.....
WL call:
Process of 'Method pOpenMDIWindow' (clsApplication.pOpenMDIWindow), line 13, thread 0
'ExecuteProcess' function, syntax 0

What happened?
'wMDIReportSuite_2' component unknown. An application must be compiled with the component.

I have recompiled, repaired and regenerated the exe without any improvement.

Anyone have any idea of where I might look to isolate and rectify this issue.


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