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Unable to find wd200vm.dll

Startbeitrag von Jose Maldonado am 02.11.2017 15:46

I created an application using WIndev 20 (so I can’t get support from PC Soft),
the application runs Perfectly when I launch it from the IDE.
After I compile it and deploy to a user PC I receive this error:
Unable to find wd200vm.dll

The file is there for some reason the application can’t see it . . .

Have any of you run into this situation? How did you solve it?



On your client's PC open windows explorer and right click on the file wd200vm.dll and from the popup menu select Properties.

Check if there is any version conflict or what?


von Yogi Yang - am 03.11.2017 05:51
Hi Jose,

I have seen this issue this morning on a client's PC (running windows server 2008)

I checked the wd210vm.dll and the file was there, but it had zero bytes for its size.

I replaced it with a known good version and my application started to work again.


von Ned! - am 06.11.2017 09:32
maybe the file had been a false positive of a virus scanner and been deleted!? That happens. In my case, the Kaspersky Security Scan tells me that the wdbrw.dll of WINDEV 21 is a "Dangerous Object Multi Generic" and wants to delete it. Of course, I do not delete it and Kaspersky continues to whine about it.

von GuenterP - am 06.11.2017 10:15
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