SMTP Problem

Startbeitrag von SolutionJ-Reg am 04.11.2017 12:53


I have a WD22 application which includes a procedure to send emails using smtp.

Everything works fine in test mode. Everything also works fine if I launch the program using a .BAT file (passing command line parameters into it).

However, if I EXERUN the program from another WD app then I get a 503 error message when the email is "sent". I've set the sending routine to show me every email setting prior to the send and everything is exactly the same between test mode/the .bat file and the Exerun, so why on earth is the Exerun method failing?



Hi Reg,

in which user context is the calling Programm running?

von stefan.kern - am 04.11.2017 14:19

In the last 5 minutes I've sorted this out thanks. Turned out to be a type on my part in the calling program.

Thanks for getting back to me anyway :-)

von SolutionJ-Reg - am 04.11.2017 14:20
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