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Extract initials and surname from field.

Startbeitrag von Aad Gouka am 04.11.2017 19:22

Hi folks,

I'm struggling with the following. String: "A.B. Smith" needs to result in string "A.B." and string "Smith". I other words I want to extract initials and name from a string into 2 separate strings.

Can somebody put me on the right track.

Best regards,



Hi Aad,

Maybe something like this:

StringArray is array of strings

StringToArray("A.B. Smith",StringArray, " ")
FOR i=1 _TO_ StringArray..Occurrence


von Bart VDE - am 04.11.2017 19:41
Hi Bart,

Thank you for your example. I played around with it and looked into the help file. Can you shed a little more light on what you mean, because I cannot see how this can make 2 strings from one string.

Best regards,


von Aad Gouka - am 05.11.2017 00:08
Hi Aad,


von Bart VDE - am 05.11.2017 08:43
Hi if the space is the separator use the function below

ExtractString(InitialString,1," ") gives "A.B."
ExtractString(InitialString,2," ") gives "Smith"

von Abdelillah ELFASSI - am 05.11.2017 10:42
Perfect. Thank you very much.



von Aad Gouka - am 05.11.2017 13:01
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