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Capturing email for saving with other data

Startbeitrag von Jeff Graham am 07.11.2017 23:30

My client wants users to be able to save all the data in an email on their server when it pertains to a particular project or customer so that it does not get lost on the user's PC. It needs to be an automated process where the user has the email open and the WinDev application open. Then a WinDev button/menu code decides where to store the data and makes the links to the project/customer HF data.

Have any of you come up with a clever way of doing this?


Hey Jeff

I have an macro under a button in Outlook. As soon as you click this button, a windev program will start with the data of the email you have selected.
In the windev program you can then decide what you want to do with the email

Is that what you want ?


von Jan de Bruin - am 08.11.2017 07:04
Hi Jeff,

the answer will be vastly different depending on what you mean by "...where the user has the email open..."

Open in what? An email client? A web client? A corporate email solution?

The only 'easy" solution is to directly manage the email (read/write./send, etc) in your windev program. Anything else and you'll have to adapt to whatever solution they are using (or connect to their email server if they are letting them on it)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 08.11.2017 11:52
Hi Jan,

This would be a great help. Are you willing to share the code for this macro?


von Jeff Graham - am 08.11.2017 16:32
Hi Fabrice,

Nice to hear from you again. As always, you see a bigger picture than I explained. For my client the users will be using Outlook and the email should be open or at least selected for preview. We certainly can require the client to have the email open.

Directly managing the email in WinDev is a possibility but training the users to use their WinDev application for that purpose exclusively would be a challenge, however, only a small number of emails actually need to be save for tracking.


von Jeff Graham - am 08.11.2017 16:41

I will email you soon.


von Jan de Bruin - am 09.11.2017 16:01
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