[WD20] RestartProgram() From Exception Window

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 08.11.2017 22:20

Does anyone know how to restart the app after closing the exception window?

I imported the windows into my app so I could customize them. I added a button that has a single line of code, RestartProgram(), but this does not work. RestartProgram() does work if I call it from my main window, but when I call it from the exception window all it does is close the app.

This is a 32 bit windows app. In the generation of my exe I allow multiple instances, but I actually disallow this by putting the following code at the beginning of my project initialization. I do it this way so that I can control the error message shown to our users.

IF ExeRunning() > 1 AND NOT InTestMode() THEN
Info("Only one instance of the application can be run at a time.")


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