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[WD22] Patches not running

Startbeitrag von Al am 08.11.2017 22:36


I have an issue with patches either not loading or loading improperly at one client site.
I think it is a permissions issue as the client has had some recent bad experiences and the server is locked down as far a possible.

The main reason I think it is permission related is that the patches work for me when I log in as a local administrator, but not for the regular users. When I check the security permissions for the patch, the standard users have full control so the idea of it being a permission error doesn't make a lot of sense but for the fact that it works for me and not for them.

The error message the user receives is unable to open window - followed by the name of the window contained in the patch.
If I delete the patch and reload a revised copy of the exe everything works fine.

Any thoughts as to what the problem could be please ?



Hello Al,

How do you install the patches, and WHO does it?
If it's a regular user, that would be the cause of your problem, as a regular user is not allowed to write in the program directory area (UAC/Virtualization). Instead, when writing there, the files are in fact written in a user area (but are still visible in the directory)

So in that case, the program would SEE the patches when listing the files present, but when it tries to read it in THIS directory, it would not find it and you would get that error.

If I'm correct, then your problem reside in your patch installation process and only an admin should do that part.

Then again, I never use patches, so I could be completely wrong on that one.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 08.11.2017 23:10
Hello Fabrice

I install the patches so in this case as local admin.
I don't use the program directory.
The patches, exe, data - everything - is all in a single directory as this client is still using HF Classic.


von Al - am 08.11.2017 23:48
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