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RDP issues with my WD21 application

Startbeitrag von Arie am 10.11.2017 13:57


I have an application running for years with no problem. Users run this app local on their laptop/pc when they are at work.
But when they work from home, this company uses RDP to get access to the company network. And all apps are then started in an RDP session.

The WD21 app doesn't like that. Every now and then the app stops working. It doesn't crash normallly (if that possible...) but is just disappears from memory all of a sudden. All this when running in side an RDP session.

All this wasn't a problem until last week. While the application hasn't changed it must have something to do with the server or RDP or some other network issue. Very likely that something changed there, but we cannot find any clue. Also, other applications work fine. It is just the Windev app causing troubles.

Anyone seen this before?


Hi Arie,
maybe the problem is with accessing the registry ...
Even if you don't use any registry functions in your code, various controls, like the tables, use the registry to store data by Default.
You could try using InitParameter() to see if this makes a difference

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 10.11.2017 15:52

Or .. There could be som windows updates during the last night it was working or updated anti virus with false positive etc.


von Tor-Bjarne - am 10.11.2017 21:55
Hi Arie.

Are you try to create .RDP file and put it on user PC and start your app with that shortcut.
I use it few years from version 17 without any problem. 21,22 work also fine without any modifications RDP file, without any problem after windows updates or any antivirus software. .RDP fiel for RDP (RemoteApp). If you have problems you can try also with WINFLECTOR. Free for few connections. No need any modifications in windows. Like some TeamViewer for applications.

Regards !

von ICI - am 11.11.2017 18:54
I would start by a process of elimination.

Start by eliminating any local resources that the remote system brings with the session i.e redirected printers, drives.

It has been reported that the fall creators update v1709 has issues with rdp connections being dropped/crashing.

Unless you're hosting the server you have to have some cooperation from the users IT group to look at all configuration changes.

Eric W.

von Eric Wiegert - am 13.11.2017 13:51
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