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9999999 Numeric . . .

Startbeitrag von Jose Maldonado am 10.11.2017 16:39

I have a numeric that displays in a table as : 999,999
and I need it to display as : 999999

I have looked everywhere to find the formatting solution with no avail . . .
can one of you kind souls out there through me a bone?

Joe Maldo


Goto the table description General tab
Select the column and look at the Input Mask
Change it there to 999999

von DerekT - am 10.11.2017 16:43
Worked like a charm!
I was not aware that you could "Type-In" the format,
I thought you could only select from the drop-down!

Thank You !!!
Joe Maldo

von Jose Maldonado - am 17.11.2017 00:37
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