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[WD21] - Analysis - Restore a file

Startbeitrag von JP am 13.11.2017 07:25

Hi All

I deleted a file from my analysis. I have backups. What is the correct way to add back the deleted file to the current analysis?



Hi, just create a new file with exactly the same name as the deleted one. It will ask you whether to restore the deleted file or not. If it does not then you applied some changes ... it normally does.

von Guenter PREDL - am 13.11.2017 07:58

Thanks - that worked fine!

von JP - am 13.11.2017 09:33
Hi JP,

FYI: you can also return to a previous version of the analysis by using "Generation", "Manage the versions", "Restore a previous version".
It is also useful to see a list of modification for each version of the analysis.
A bit awkward to have to select "restore" to view this list, but you don't actually have to restore anything to view it.

Kind regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 13.11.2017 10:47

Thanks, just tried that it is very useful. Good to know!

von JP - am 13.11.2017 13:48
Hello JP

Aside from all those methods, you can also drag and drop the .fic file into the analysis.


von Al - am 13.11.2017 19:47

Oh, thats also useful ! Thanks for the tip.

von JP - am 14.11.2017 07:37
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