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WD22 - Wordprocessing control.

Startbeitrag von Aad Gouka am 14.11.2017 13:38

Hi all,

I played around with the WP-control. The menu is completely in English. Is there a way to translate things or do I have to buy WDInt ?

Best regards,



hello Aad,

You can transate it into Dutch:). Just dubbelclik on the menu.

von Frans - am 14.11.2017 14:08
Yes localisation is possible for all languages

von Steve.M - am 14.11.2017 14:10
Thanks to both of you for your answers. Still not succeeding. I have a new window and put the controle in. Doubleclick everywhere, but nothing works.

Best regards,


von Aad Gouka - am 14.11.2017 15:34
Do you have the latest update for windev in which the translation for the wp's ribbon got activated?

von Markus K. - am 14.11.2017 17:37

Same here - I have not found any built-in language options
although there are still quite a number of useful functions missing.
The main one amongst these is the ability to use text boxes so if you need anything other than a simple document.....:mad:

Good news is that according to the French docco on v23 PCS have now got it working.
Just a shame that those of us that already paid for it when upgrading to v22 have got to pay again and get v23.

von DerekT - am 14.11.2017 17:38

Re: WD22 - Wordprocessing control. Here you can find the menu.

Hello to you all,

Double click on the wordprocesser; In the tab 'General' you see:
IW source of ribbon.

That is the internal window. Search for the window and you can change the menu.

A lot of editing (Hours when also changing the tooltips) and I realy hope that I don't have to do that again in W23 when I want to upgrade the ribbon.

von Frans - am 14.11.2017 20:19

Re: WD22 - Wordprocessing control. Here you can find the menu.

OK, found that I believe by selecting the 'Preset' option at the top of the list.
This loaded/copied into the project 'F1_WinDevFAA_BarreTT' as the source and indeed you can from there access all of the code and controls.
Absolute nightmare if you do not speak French though - converting the code to English is of very limited assistance.

I also get 7 compilation errors stating - 'array' element not found in 'DocParagraph' class

Clicking on error re 'array' takes me to code which always contains 'let tabtableau

von DerekT - am 15.11.2017 10:53
Hi Derek,

You can choose for English as well. See "Description->Language"

von Aad Gouka - am 15.11.2017 12:40

Yes, I was aware of that.
My interest was more in translating the code which, when in French, is a total mystery to me.

Converting 'All' code in a single operation to English resulted in the errors I previously mentioned.
A bit of research shows that when converting the code 'soit tabtableau

von DerekT - am 16.11.2017 10:41
Aha, I misinterpreted your post. I think I leave it to V23 and hope that I don 't have to wait to V27 to present this to our customers as a new option.

Best regards,


von Aad Gouka - am 16.11.2017 11:24
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