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Running Balance on a table control

Startbeitrag von Jose Maldonado am 17.11.2017 22:05

I need to create a table control similar to a check register where
the table displays/calculates a running balance like this:

Date Description Deposit Payment Balance
01/01/01 Beg Balance 3000.00 3000.00
01/02/01 Sears 250.00 2750.00
01/03/01 DayCare 325.99 2424.01
01/04/01 Deposit 2500.00 4924.01

IS this possible in a WinDev Table Control?

Joe Maldo


Hello Joe

You could make use of hidden columns and either the "ExitFrom" or "WhenEverModify event for the table cell containing the item value. You would also need to either remove the sort options on the table or maintain a hidden or exposed item sequence number to work through the rows in the correct order.

Presumably the table is quite short and in memory ?
When a value changes, cycle through the table in row order, calculating and holding that rows total and using it to calculate the subsequent rows running balance as you go. Perhaps not the most efficient but it will update the current row and any subsequent rows. A more efficient method would be to capture the previous row's total using the table row exit event and then just updating subsequent rows rather than the whole table.


von Al - am 17.11.2017 22:28
Thank you very much.
I had not thought of using this approach!

Joe Maldo

von Jose Maldonado - am 18.11.2017 03:10
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