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IDE changed from English to French . . . ouh la la

Startbeitrag von Jose Maldonado am 18.11.2017 03:15

My company just installed a new software security system.
My Windev 20 was blocked so I when through the administrative
process to get it un-blocked.
It is running now but, the IDE is in French.
I originally installed in in English and it was working fine . . .

Is there a preference setting or a language selector or some
switch that I can set to get my beautiful Windev in English again?

Does anyone know?

Joe Maldo


Hi Jose

AFAIK, there is no setting to change the language. You are looking at 2 completely different installers with different contents.

So I'm not sure what happened on your machine, but it looks to me like somebody RE-installed your windev 20 without knowing what they were doing and used for that the French installer for the french product.

The only way I know of solving that is to install the US version (and in your case, uninstall the french one)

The french version is available on pcsoft.fr, while the us version comes from windev.com.

Both versions are also available on ftp.pcsoft.fr

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 18.11.2017 11:25
Thank you for your help!

Joe Maldo

von Jose Maldonado - am 18.11.2017 15:22
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