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Anchoring controls in Dashboard [WB v21]

Startbeitrag von Gus Sabina am 19.11.2017 18:41

Hello all:

I have a WebDev project [v21] with a Dashboard control and a widget as an internal page which contains a CELL and a CHART controls.
When I set the Dashboard in Edit mode, I try to resize the IPAGE and the CELL expands accordingly, but so far, the CHART remains with the same size.
I configured both controls to "anchoring with width and height" option and "adapt to browser" but only the CELL re-sizes.

I took a look at the example provided (stock widget, although it only re-sizes in width, no height) but I can't figured out what is wrong.
I would appreciate any help in this.



Hi Gus,

Indeed it is a bit of a problem. In versie 22 as well. I hope they will increase the possibilities of internal windows in version 23.

You can anchor so resizesing in the dashboard works but there then is an other problem. The chart in total increases. incl the legend. This creates real ugly charts!!! So ugly that thay are not useable!!!

For you problem:
It is possible. maybe you can try removing the chart and adding it again?


von Allard - am 20.11.2017 09:40
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