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Direct Access for ORACLE

Startbeitrag von Guenter PREDL am 20.11.2017 15:16

Hi friends,

I have a customer who wants to have Direct Access for Oracle. But this is a cluster, not a single server. How is Direct Access to be installed there? PC Soft says, that each and every physical or virtual server is to be equipped with Direct Access. How do the servers of a cluster talk to each other then? Via Direct Access? If you know how that should be done then please, shed some light on it! Thank you!


Hi Guenter,

it seems to me that :

- the direct access is installed with the client program, not the server, and therefore has nothing to do with the cluster/no cluster problem
- a cluster is a system designed to SHOW each client ONE server, while in fact a cluster is working in the background, so the direct access would only talk to one server, and all the servers of the cluster would talk to each other as they usually do, without any link to the direct access

So, if I'm not mistaken, and except if pcsoft has a direct access for oracle cluster edition in their price list, there shouldn't be any difference for you

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 20.11.2017 15:35
Hi Fabrice,

the description of the D/A for Oracle says:
WINDEV is linked to ORACLE by ODBC, by OLE DB, but also and above all via «Native Connectors» which is fast, powerful and highly efficient. All the functions of the environment are available. Installation is extremely simple.

=> You need one license per server.
=> An unlimited number of stations can access a server.

Suspiciously, there's no word about clusters, it's just about "servers".

von Guenter PREDL - am 20.11.2017 15:55

Yeap, I used to have native oracle driver but now have native sqlServer64/32 and progress (32-bit only) native and they run fast. Native driver is not pcSoft product and it's expensive.

It should come with 64/32 bit native latest version + all previous windev version.

Give it a shot.



von kingdr - am 20.11.2017 19:48
Hi kingdr,

thank you for your tipps! We cannot change their database system, it's a big-big German bank. The most pressing problem is: can we use Native Access to access their Server clusters or do we have to use OLE DB instead?

von Guenter PREDL - am 21.11.2017 06:23
You can use native access.
Native access is installed at the client level, just set your TNSNAMES.ORA as you normally do to access your cluster and you can connect.
You need to have oracle .net or oracle instantclient installed on your client machine to connect to the oracle database.

The only problem with the cluster option is commercial, as far as I know you should buy a license for each phisical server, you don't need to install anything at the server level.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 21.11.2017 09:55
Hi Paulo, thanks a lot for this information!!

von Guenter PREDL - am 21.11.2017 11:43
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