WD22 - Display the details of a row in an internal window

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Hi All -

Display the details of a row in an internal window
A table row displays various information in its different columns. However, to get a more readable interface, why not display this information in a popup window?

I have this sorta working - but as it seems to only handle RowNum as a parameter - I have to use Memory Table rather than Browsing table.

OK - sort of working quite nicely with that - but if the memory table display sort is used - the row numbers are scrambled - so it is useless.

Anyone been here and figured out how to use this feature properly? Something nice and easy like renumbering the rownum after a sort :)

Don't know why they didn't allow for a variable to be passed to the IW.




OK - thanks to Mark Crickton ..

Use a Project level global and 2 lines of code.

Guess I shouldn't complain too much about the 2 lines of code - especially as I have just written thousands of lines of Java code to gt the SOAP bit working :(


Just a note to add here. Love this feature of WD22.

Be aware that the "Selecting a row of Table.... " does not fire if the user clicks on the [+] of a row that does not yet have focus.

Need to add this code to the "Expanding Details of row of Table..." as well.

EG: I pass the row "link" to a global variable ( e.g. gcCustomerUID set in the project element code) and run the following code in "Global declaration.." of the internal window.

could have used

Would be nice if one could resize the internal window to shrink or expand to display number of lines in the query.

Mark Crichton
DataWise Ltd ( New Zealand )

von DerekM-2 - am 24.11.2017 02:44
Sorry Mark misspelled your name - Mark Crichton.

von DerekM-2 - am 24.11.2017 02:47
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