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[WD22] Reports & Queries (user edition) - sub-queries

Startbeitrag von Mike James am 24.11.2017 04:00

I see from the documentation (here) that the query editor cannot handle sub-queries. Testing this I find that:
- a query including 2 sub-queries can be created and pasted into the query editor
- (I found posts elsewhere by Peter Holman showing that sub-queries can be created)
- but the query cannot then be re-engineered.

Using the report editor I find that unless a query can be re-engineered, a new sort level cannot be added using the report description, (although it can be added directly to the SQL code).

Does anyone see any disadvantages in this? Or are there workarounds? Should I wait for Wx28 maybe? :-)

Should I create a query in the query editor which contains all the clauses except the sub-query/queries, then re-engineer it and save the query, then use the report editor to set up all the report settings, then go back to the query editor and add in the sub-queries as a final step?


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