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Complex Variant structure

Startbeitrag von steve erts am 24.11.2017 05:49


Is it possible to create complex Variant in windev? Would it be possible to create a variant with the following structure? e.g. Where "itinerary Days" was nested within the top element and could have a variable number of elements? I understand how to create a variant with a flat structure but how to create a more complex one? The end goal here is to write code to read data and create a variant structure and then use "VariantToJSON" to create the JSON structure.

"id": 540,
"title": "14-Day Ultimate Namibia Safari",
"itinerary_days": [{
"DayNbr": 1,
"Title": "Day 1"
}, {
"DayNbr": 2,
"Title": "Day 2"
}, {
"DayNbr": 3,
"Title": "Day 3"
}, {
"DayNbr": 4,
"Title": "Day 4"
}, {
"DayNbr": 5,
"Title": "Day 5"
}, {
"DayNbr": 6,
"Title": "Day 6"
}, {
"DayNbr": 7,
"Title": "Day 7"
}, {
"DayNbr": 8,
"Title": "Day 8"
}, {
"DayNbr": 9,
"Title": "Day 9"
}, {
"DayNbr": 10,
"Title": "Day 10"
}, {
"DayNbr": 11,
"Title": "Day 11"
}, {
"DayNbr": 12,
"Title": "Day 12"
}, {
"DayNbr": 13,
"Title": "Day 13"
}, {
"DayNbr": 14,
"Title": "Day 14"





Something like this will work for holding the data.
But I don't know if the JSON functions support this complexity....

ST_Days is Structure
nDayNr is int
sDayName is string

ST_TopLevel is Structure
nID is int
sTitle is string
arrDays is array of ST_Days

stMyTopLevel is ST_TopLevel
stMyTopLevel = new ST_TopLevel
stDays is ST_Days
stMyTopLevel.nID = 540
stMyTopLevel.sTitle = "14-Day Ultimate Namibia Safari"

stDays.nDayNr = 1
stDays.sDayName = "Day 1"

stDays.nDayNr = 2
stDays.sDayName = "Day 2"

von Arie - am 24.11.2017 09:58
I do something slightly different...

PROCEDURE Test(ps_ID is string,ps_Title is string)
//Structure = columns returned by query
STR_arrItineryDays is Structure
id is int
title is string
//Array of the structure
arrItineryDays is an array of STR_arrItineryDays
//Procedure variables
s_ID,s_JSONArray,s_JSONResult,s_Title is string
v_ResArray is Variant
//Formatted skeleton of the JSON document
s_JSONDoc is string = [
"id": %1
"title": %2
"itinery days":
//Upadate variables from params received
s_ID = ps_ID; s_Title = ps_Title
//Run the query to return your itinery days
IF HNbRec(qryGetItineryDays) > 0 THEN
//Copy the query result set to the array
//Copy the structure array to the variable array
v_ResArray = arrItineryDays
//Convert the variant array to JSON
s_JSONArray = VariantToJSON(v_ResArray)
//Update the JSON skeleton and copy to the result
s_JSONResult = StringBuild(s_JSONDoc,s_ID,s_Title,s_JSONArray)
//Free the query allocation

s_JSONResult will now contain the formatted document ready for your intended usage.

Coding does get a bit more complex where you require array within arrays but this can be overcome by declaring additional formatted skeleton strings and building the result set
in sequence.

von DerekT - am 24.11.2017 10:43
Thanks guys!

Derek, I really like your way for what I need to do. The actual task is going to be to present in JSON a top level table with 15 sub tables and there are upwards of 400 fields in all the tables combined. Being able to do a file to array on the table queries is going to save me a bat load of time.


von steve erts - am 24.11.2017 15:55
Hi Steve,

vVar is Variant
vVar.title="14-Day Ultimate Namibia Safari"

vDays is Variant
FOR i=1 TO 14
vDays.Title="Day "+i


Hope it helps.


von Alen U. - am 26.11.2017 18:54
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